Review of Computing and Information Technology unit standards

NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS) and Toi Mai Workforce Development Council have completed the review of the 75 unit standards listed below. The suite of standards transitioned from NQS to Toi Mai in October 2021.

Subfield Domain ID
Computing Computer Support 18750, 6836, 6852, 26227, 29784, 29798, 29817, 29810
Generic Computing 2792, 2796, 2797, 5943, 5946, 5951, 5955, 5968, 6745, 7910, 18734, 18743, 18756, 18758, 25659, 25782, 26226, 26228, 29769-29783, 29785-29797,

29799-29809, 29811, 29812,


Software Development Programming 6761, 18739, 18740, 18741, 29813

The review was undertaken in line with the 2021 scheduled review and includes standards aligned to meet the recently reviewed New Zealand qualifications in Computing and Information Technology. Key stakeholders and organisations with consent to assess had the opportunity to review the standards and offer feedback. All feedback was considered and actioned where appropriate.

Main changes

  • Titles, credits, guidance information, outcomes and performance criteria were updated to reflect the current template, better align the standards with the reviewed qualifications, updated legislation and current practice, and to ensure they remain relevant and current.
  • New standards were developed as a result of combining and replacing existing standards and to better reflect the graduate outcomes of the reviewed qualifications and current practice
  • Standards were designated expiring in cases of low usage and where they were no longer relevant, fit for purpose, or aligned with the reviewed qualifications.

The standards were split into two sets for submission to NZQA. The change report for 37 standards at Levels 3–4 were published alongside their new versions in May 2022. Click here to review the change report. The remaining standards at Levels 1–5 have been approved by NZQA and are due to be published in June 2022.

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