Consent to assess

Toi Mai will support consent to assess applications where we are the standard-setting body

How to apply

Providers (including schools) must apply to NZQA for consent to assess any unit standards they intend to assess and meet the requirements of the appropriate Consent and Moderation Requirements.

As part of the NZQA application process, providers will need to supply a letter of support from the relevant Workforce Development Council. This letter attests that the provider meets the specific industry requirements, including having the resources to effectively deliver and assess the unit standards.

Providers will need to complete an application form for Toi Mai support for consent to assess. Once completed, please email the form to [email protected]

Important to note:

  • NZQA makes the final decision on the consent to assess application, and the process is not completed until NZQA has granted consent to assess to the applicant organisation.
  • If engaging with an external provider for the delivery or assessment of your unit standards, you will need a formal Memorandum of Understanding alongside your consent to assess application form. See our MoU guidance document in the resources below.
  • A separate consent to assess application form has been developed for Waka Ama – see below for more information.

Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre & School memorandum of understanding

If the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre (the Boyle) is delivering and assessing unit standards for your students and you wish to apply for consent to assess, you will need to complete and sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Boyle and your school.

Please contact the Boyle at and request a copy of the MoU. Please submit the completed and signed document along with your consent to assess application.


  • Unit standards must be listed on the NZQA framework for your school before you can enrol students in the Boyle courses.
  • Always check you have consent to assess listed on the NZQA framework before purchasing pre-moderated resources from external providers.

Consent to Assess for Waka Ama

We have developed a dedicated application form for the Waka Ama unit standard 30810 for kura/schools to use when applying for these unit standards.

Please note: Unit 30810 has been reduced to 12 credits and now incorporates the requirements of Unit 30811, which will expire at the end of December 2025

The general consent to assess application form does not apply to the above unit standards, as Waka Ama clubs are used to provide resources.

Once completed, please email the form to [email protected]

Waka Ama consent to assess resource

If you have any questions or need further support