Performance Technology qualifications

As part of our role as a workforce development council for the arts, we will be producing a workforce development plan for the performing arts sector in 2023. This includes a wider scan of the current landscape looking at employment and retention data, roles and labour shortages, as well gaps and issues.

From this mahi will also come a review of qualifications for performing arts including the performance technology qualifications.

The qualifications being reviewed are:

Review updates

The review of this suite of Performing Arts qualifications including Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, Drama, Circus and Performance Technology are currently on hold due to the Workforce Development Plan. This review is likely to be completed following the publication of the Workforce Development Plan, which will help to inform the review process. We aim to get this review done by the end of 2023.

Other Performing Arts qualifications under review

Drama qualifications

Music qualifications

Dance qualifications

Performing Arts qualifications