New Board member brings a fresh Pacific perspective

Toi Mai Co-Chairs Dr Kathie Irwin and Alice Shearman are thrilled to announce Pita Alatini as the newest member of the Toi Mai Board.

Pita brings his extensive knowledge and experience in the Aotearoa sporting world to the Toi Mai Board table. Beyond his sporting achievements, Pita has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavours and community initiatives through the Cause Collective, utilising his platform to raise awareness about important social issues for Pacific peoples.

Of Tongan descent, Pita has shown his passion, dedication and leadership qualities through coaching and mentoring of aspiring players, as a way of giving back to his community.

Pita begins his three-year appointment on the Toi Mai Board, from 1 July 2023.

‘Oku mau fiefia mo talitali lelei koe, Pita.