Museum Unit Standard review

Toi Mai Workforce Development Council has completed the review of the unit standards listed below. The reviewed standards will shortly be available on the NZQA website.

20541  Demonstrate knowledge of museum collection development 
20542  Demonstrate knowledge and skills of museum collection management 
20543  Demonstrate knowledge of the provision of public access to museum collections and provide access 
20545  Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga Māori in museums 
20546  Demonstrate knowledge and skills of hosting museum visitors 
20547  Demonstrate knowledge of safety and security required in museums 
20548  Demonstrate knowledge and skills to develop a proposal for a museum public programme 
20551  Evaluate a museum public programme 
20554  Demonstrate knowledge of museums and responsibilities of the museum sector in Aotearoa New Zealand 
27673  Demonstrate knowledge and practice of archives acquisition and processing for a museum 
29571  Plan and install a small-scale museum exhibition 
29572  Plan and implement a small-scale museum public programme 

The review was completed in June 2023 and carried out in collaboration with industry and providers. Key stakeholders had the opportunity to review the standards and offer feedback. All feedback was considered and actioned where appropriate.

Key changes: 

  • Terminology and content have been updated to better reflect the importance of te ao Māori.   
  • Outcomes and performance criteria have been updated to reflect current industry practices and guidelines. 
  • Guidance information – a new statement has been added to ensure that all learner activities and assessment is carried out in accordance with museum tikanga, policy, process and practice. This has allowed the previously repetitive wording in each performance criteria to be removed. 

The following unit standards were expired due to low usage and content being covered elsewhere in other standards: 

20549   Develop a plan and explain compliance and implementation considerations for a museum public programme 
20550   Project manage the implementation of a museum public programme 
20552   Project manage the installation of a museum exhibition 
20553   Demonstrate knowledge of planning a tour for a museum exhibition 

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