The COVID-19 Recovery Baseline Engagement and Data (BED) Project

Toi Mai is proud to release its first Tertiary Education Commission WDC/TITO COVID-19 Response Projects Fund project report: The COVID-19 Recovery Baseline Engagement and Data (BED) Project.

The report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the Creative, Cultural, Recreation and Technology sectors, provides industry feedback and valuable data insights into the composition of the Toi Mai workforce (including Māori businesses in the CCRT sector), and establishes a five pou framework for Toi Mai to identify and engage with its sectors:

  • Toi Whānui – Enabling Technologies:
    Innovative technology platforms, products and services for industry and end-users
  • Toi Pāho – Broadcast and Screen:
    Content delivered through broadcast and screen media; film, radio, television and online interactive media
  • Toi Puaki – Expressive Arts:
    Expressive art forms and technologies in music, stage and theatre (including actors)
  • Toi-a-Ringa – Art and Design:
    Hands-on art, design and beauty
  • Toi Ora – Recreation and Cultural Organisations:
    Activities, technologies and places that foster wellbeing, physically, mentally and socially (including GLAM industries).

The report will ensure Toi Mai continues to engage with the needs of the sectors most affected by COVID-19 and provides robust data on the CCRT industries, which will help inform education provision into the future.

Read the full report here: The COVID-19 Recovery Baseline Engagement and Data Project.

For further data and insights, click here to access the Toi Mai workforce online dashboard.