Unlocking the power of knowledge through Te Mata Raraunga

Ohu Ahumahi (the collective of the six Workforce Development Councils) are pleased to share Te Mata Raraunga, a shared data platform which provides consistent information on the ākonga (learners) and workforce of Aotearoa. We would like to invite everyone to utilise Te Mata Raraunga and discover the data and insights within industries, workforces and ākonga environments.

Te Mata Raraunga is a te reo Māori name for the shared data platform. Te Mata meaning ‘the face’ and Raraunga ‘database’.

The intention for this platform is to be a home for consistent and accurate vocational education and workforce data at an iwi, regional and national level. It will inform sustainable workforce analysis and planning for generations to come and will continue to grow as we add more resources and insights.

Te Mata Raraunga will become a key tool for the collaborative work of Workforce Development Councils (WDCs), Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) and other participants in the vocational education and training ecosystem – including industry; iwi, hapū, and whānau Māori; employers; Vocational Education and Training providers; and government agencies – all working together to improve outcomes for ākonga.

Muka Tangata championed the project across Ohu Ahumahi with funding and support from the Tertiary Education Commission and in collaboration with the RSLGs and Tertiary Education Providers.

Te Mata Raraunga is live and accessible by everyone:

Where can I share my thoughts?

The WDCs development team welcome all feedback and ideas on how we could improve Te Mata Raraunga. Reach out to us via email: [email protected]