Review of Hairdressing and Salon Services unit standards

Update on consultation – October 2022

Following on from a meeting with a representative industry group to gather their consultation feedback, new drafts of the standards are available.

These drafts are in the process of being confirmed for submission to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for quality assurance. The drafts that the industry group considered included changes made as a result of feedback from providers. Both pre- and post-meeting versions of the standards are available via the links below.

Reasons for the review

The standards are due for review to make sure they remain current. This is also an opportunity to update the suites of standards for programmes leading to these recently updated qualifications:

Feedback documents

The feedback documents provide more information about the proposed changes, some of which are significant:

Draft new and reviewed unit standards

The zip file below contain groups of the draft new and reviewed unit standards that have come out of the review. Copies of standards to be replaced or to expire without replacement are not provided but you can find current versions of the standards on the NZQA website.

Click here to access the zip file for all draft standards.

The versions below include changes made as a result of provider feedback in the early stages of the consultation process.

Topic Standards included Pre-meeting Post-meeting
Capstone  New1  File  File
Colour  2889, 19793, 28849, New10–14  File  File
Chemical Services  2892, New8, New17, New19  File File
Cutting  2884, New6, New7, New20, New21  File File
Design Fundamentals  New15, New22, New23  File File
Salon Services  9953, 25437, 28845, 28846  File File
Shampoo and Treatment 2873, 28848, New2, New5  File File
Styling 25792, 25793, New3, New4, New9, New16, New24  File File


Background on the review

Responsibility for the following standards and their review were transferred from the NZ Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO) to Toi Mai in October 2021. We have worked with HITO, who began the review in 2021, to get the standards to this stage.

Subfield Domain ID
Beauty Services Hairdressing 2755, 2757, 2759, 2866, 2869–2871, 2873, 2878–2880, 2884, 2885, 2889–2892, 12313, 19791–19793, 25076–25078, 25789–25793, 28835–28839, 28841, 28847–28849
Salon Skills 9953, 25435, 25437, 25438, 28843–28846

The standards were originally designed for use as assessment tools for reviewed Hairdressing qualifications at Levels 3 and 4. Standards have been reviewed and developed to ensure they continue to align with graduate profile outcomes of the recently updated qualifications, published in February 2021.