The Orders in Council for the WDCs

The Reforms of Vocational Education (RoVE) have taken another significant step with the passing and gazetting of the Orders in Council that will lead to the formal establishment of six Workforce Development Councils (WDCs).

WDCs are being established to provide industry with greater leadership across vocational education and training. The WDCs will ensure industry takes the lead in making sure learners develop the skills they need to be ready for the world of work.

The Orders in Council will now go to be gazetted for 28 days before going into effect on 11th of June. The appointments and nominations process for the WDCs is also well underway. Appointments are expected to be confirmed by the end of June, with first meetings for these new entities expected to take place in the first few weeks of July.

The Orders in Council come out of work undertaken by six WDC interim Establishment Boards that were established in June 2020. They led engagement with industry that supported the drafting of the orders. More than 214 people and organisations provided feedback on the drafts. Over the coming weeks TEC will be proactively releasing key documents related to the Orders in Council process, including a summary of the feedback received during the consultation process.

Once operating, the WDCs will play a fundamental role in a unified vocational education system that brings together industry and educators to ensure New Zealand’s workforce is fit for today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations.